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MK808B PLUS Mini TV Box

MK808B PLUS Mini TV BoxMK808B PLUS Mini TV Box

People can have so many things to do in their daily life. It is true that there are also many people who have to travel a lot in their life. With so many activities which should be done in daily basis, people really need the refreshment which can help them release the stress. Various entertainment options can be found. Many people maybe are very familiar with the entertainment support from the internet but it does not make other entertainment supports such as television is left by its lovers. There are still many people who love watching television as their entertainment support. Nowadays, the experience for enjoying television is enhanced because people can get the internet support for finding more options of entertainment on their television. People can get great support from MK808B PLUS mini TV box which can be brought along anywhere they go for enjoying their favorite TV program.

MK808B PLUS will connect the HDTV to the online entertainment world. There is no question that online entertainment is getting more and more familiar among people but it does not mean that it should be enjoyed separately from their television. By using this tiny high parameter box, people will be able to enjoy online movies easily. There are also other entertainment supports which can be enjoyed online including the live sport, photos, games, and music on demand. People will get the experience of entertainment which is more than their expectation. This mini TV box will be a great savior for people who have favorite online TV program and travel a lot because of various reasons. It comes with great specifications which can make people enjoy the best online TV entertainment.

The great feature of this mini TV box can be found in the processor which comes in Amlogic M805 Quad Core. It has the maximum up to 1.5GHz clock speed. With this processor support, the apps will run very smoothly. It also has 1GB DDR3 memory with micro SD card support up to 32GB. This mini TV box is powered by the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. It means that users will be able to access more than 800,000 apps from Facebook to Picasa. Of course there will also be various kinds of game app offered. It is features with USB 2.0 port, one mini USB power port, and one OTG. There are still many other great features from HDMI 1.4b connector to dual-band Wi-Fi. MK808BCN is the coupon code which can be used for getting this mini TV box with $29.98 price money

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