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21 Days To Live Healthier With OAXIS Star 21

OAXIS Star 21

You have tons of choices to keep yourself in good shape. Most people will choose to take on strict diet in order to prevent increase on their weight. Skipping diner or much down vegetables and fruits as lunch is considered as the easiest way to stay in shape. Actually, it’s best to start working out if you want to be in good shape. Physical exercise is good for your health. It does not only help you in losing your weight and reaching your ideal weight, exercise also helps to build muscle mass. Taking routine exercise as part of your daily life will increase your stamina. At first, you certainly will feel exhausted with the routine exercise. However, the fatigue will eventually fade away and you will feel your body grows more powerful from day by day.


Once you have started your exercise program, you will stick on your commitment untill you reach your goal. It often becomes difficult when your goal is to lose weight. When you have reached your ideal weight, you will be less motivated to continues your exercise. It can bring you back to your previous condition. OAXIS Star 21 can keep you committed to this lifestyle change easier. It may look like a small harmless watch, but OAXIS Star 21 is a powerful device that can keep you well-informed on the condition of your body. It does not only display time, but it also supports your healthy lifestyle. It presents you with information on distance measurement that you have taken in each day. This way, you can always know how much you have spent on physical activities throughout the day. This watch also monitor the time that you spend for sleeping. Other than physical exercise, your body also needs time for rest. Or else, you won’t get the best result from your lifestyle change.

If your diet becomes another concern, you can feel relieved as this watch also informs your calories intake. It measures calories from all your daily meals, which will give you great help to monitor your weight. You can put on this watch all the time. It’s water resistant, so you can wear it while swimming. Although it’s not recommended to wear it when diving as it’s not water pressure resistant. Within 21 days, OAXIS Star 21 will bring huge transformation into your life. It gives you a brand new lifestyle, a healthier one.

oaxis box

Main Features of OAXIS Star 21: 

– Time display
– Calories measurement
– Distance measurement
– Sleep tracking
– Alarm setting 
– 7 days data saving
– Water resistant: IP57
– Bluetooth: BT 4.0
– Support system: IOS 7.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above
– Processor: Nordic NRF51822 ARM Cortex-M0 32bit
– Flash memory: 256KB embedded flash
– RAM memory: 16KB RAM
– MEMS: Sensor LIS3DSH
– MOTOR: Y0408L 
– LED display: 21pcs

Coupon OAXIS Star 21

Coupon code: OS21CN
Coupon price: $46.99


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